Our Program

Come Join the BAND! is an amazing after school program where kids age 4 – 18 learn instruments in the most fun way possible – by being in a band! Created by Stephen Jacobs, co-founder of Kids Creative and The Dirty Sock Funtime Band, this program emphasizes collaboration, musicianship and fun!

We Teach:

  • How to play an instrument.
  • How to be a member of a band.

Kids Are Learning:

  • Overarching musical skills necessary to be a good musician.
  • Individual instrument skills necessary to become a proficient player.

Through our educational philosophy “all ideas are good,” the kids also learn how to:

  • Be confident in their own ideas and be able to express them to others.
  • Listen to and explore other’s ideas without shutting them down.  This develops innovative thinking, problem solving, and the ability to effectively lead and collaborate.
  • Work hard toward defined goals and to look at successes and struggles as part of the learning process.  This allows kids and teachers to make mistakes fearlessly and achieve amazing things.

Come Join The BAND! is a “meanness free” environment.  We do not allow teasing, fake teasing, joke teasing, hitting, fake hitting, or nasty language of any kind.  The kids are expected to be kind and supportive of each other.  These rules create a positive, nurturing and incredibly fun environment for all!

Now offering after school sessions on Mondays and Fridays!

Registration is now open! Find out how to register here.