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Learning piano and trumpet as a youngster, Angus switched to the guitar at the age of 12, playing in rock, pop and big bands throughout his teens. Studying music performance after graduating high school, he received a Master of Music from the Queensland University of Technology, Australia, in 2005 and went on to write for and perform in progressive rock bands and work as a studio session musician around Melbourne. He performed in the Baker Boys, a reception band playing swing, latin, soul, motown, rock and pop in Australia and since moving to the US, is working for its NYC group, The Silver Arrow Band. Having 15 years’ teaching experience, Angus completed a graduate degree in education in 2012, has taught for government and private elementary and high schools and continues to direct the Little Groovin’ Guitars program for elementary schools around Melbourne.

Angus’ career objective is to assist in the development of successfully functioning members of society, to instill a passion for the search for beauty and truth, and to continually forward knowledge and innovation balanced with moral sensitivity. He believes this can be fostered through working within a team that delivers a curriculum and music program that sees students engaging with and succeeding in their education. Music has given him a life full of rewarding, challenging, inspirational and educational experiences and Angus teaches music to share these with students from all ages and demographics. Working within Come Join The Band has further instilled the belief that the process of learning, composing, practicing and performing music in a group setting develops the skills required to achieve personal and vocational success as an adult and sees students experiencing “the moment” more frequently as they improve.

Angus’ musical experiences are many and varied. Growing up in a household listening to his dad’s 50s doo wop and rock and roll records and his mother’s piano playing, his musical interest exploded when discovering the Beatles and Jimi Hendrix. Hearing Toto for the first time as a 14 year old, Angus’ favorite guitarist has been Steve Lukather since and his lead playing is heavily influenced by the session musician master. While he loves music from many genres, progressive rock will always have his heart. You can check out Lukather doing his thing here. The harmonic from feedback at 22:56 is incredible.

Angus loves to travel, having spent time in six continents and moving halfway across the world to experience all the sights and sounds this city has to offer. He enjoys powerlifting, philosophy and science fiction, but not necessarily in that order and is over the moon to be a part of the Come Join The Band family.

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