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Hey! I’m Maia and I’m a guitarist, singer, songwriter, and music teacher. When I’m not teaching awesome kids I lead my own folk-rock band called Maia & The Pilots. Music completely changed my life when I started learning guitar as a kid and gave me a means to express myself. I love being able to pass that down to other kids and show them how powerful, fun, and inspiring music can be. Since teaching with Come Join the Band I’ve seen how every single kid adds something unique and creative to every band. I’ve watched kids grow not only musically but as people and seen friendships blossom between band members throughout the year. Some of my favorite artists are Susan Tedeschi, Rilo Kiley, Carole King, Bon Iver, and Marvin Gaye. And when I’m not playing or teaching music I love going to (and sometimes performing at) standup comedy shows!

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