Now your kids can learn to play, write and record their own music online!

At Come Join the Band, your kids won’t just learn to play their instrument in expertly guided one-on-one online lessons – they’ll also learn to write, record and release their own songs! With individual lessons and online band sessions, CJtB is one of the most fun ways to learn everything about making music.

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How it works

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Play. Write. Record. Release

CJtB has courses in vocals, guitar, keyboard & piano, woodwind & brass, bass and drums. Your kids will be taught by pro working musicians to play, write, record, and release their own music on streaming services like iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music and more. Teaching these often untaught musical skills can take kids from rookie to rockstar in no time:

and Mixing
Social skillsSocial skills
and more

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Meet the crew

Everyone at CJtB is an experienced musician with a love for teaching.

Steve Jacobs

Steve Jacobs

Drew Anello

Drew Anello
Guitar & Bass

Noah Rott

Noah Rott
Piano & Keyboard

Luke Markham

Luke Markham
Drums & percussion

Who we are

Play Loud – Online!

With our online band rooms, your kids can start rocking out today! Whether you want to start with individual lessons or dive straight in with a full band package, there’s a CJtB course for you.

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See us in action!

Gatecrash one of our bands writing and rehearsing to get a feel for how the process works.

“Come Join the Band helps students learn musical instruments by, yes, playing in a band with experienced adult mentors.”

The New York Times

“Teaches them how to rock out - not just on the stage, but in life itself.”

NY1 News

“If your child loves music, this is a dream class.”

Michelle K

“Amazing. He started off not knowing anything about drums, and where he was compared to where he is now…It’s like a lifetime of growth. It’s been really fun to watch.”

Lisa M

“When you play by yourself, you’re not attuned to other people. When you play in a band, it’s like you’re all playing one big instrument.”

Liam J