How it works

When kids learn an instrument at CJtB, they get to join and play in a live virtual band with kids their own age right away, guided and mentored by pro musicians. How cool is that? But it’s not just fun – when kids learn in a band setting, they’re motivated to play more and they learn faster.

They’ll also learn all the elements of songwriting; composing, arranging, recording, mixing and releasing songs with the newfound friends in their band. They’ll even get a primer in marketing & management! Our unique, collaborative approach doesn’t just ensure kids learn an instrument and make new friends – it teaches them valuable creative, business and social skills (such as compromise and negotiation) in an inclusive, unthreatening environment.

CJtB is for kids aged 5 to 17, offering in-depth tuition on every facet of their instrument and the songwriting and recording process. We welcome players of all skill levels.