(Spectrum News vid)

CJtB started out as an after-school program at NYC’s famed Smash Studios. Now you can experience some of that magic no matter where you are! Check out this news clip.

Liam J

When you play by yourself, you’re not attuned to other people. When you play in a band, it’s like you’re all playing one big instrument.

Lisa M

Amazing. He started off not knowing anything about drums, and where he was compared to where he is now…It’s like a lifetime of growth. It’s been really fun to watch.

Michelle K

If your child loves music, this is a dream class.

The New York Times

Come Join the Band helps students learn musical instruments by, yes, playing in a band with experienced adult mentors.

NY1 News

Teaches them how to rock out – not just on the stage, but in life itself.

As seen on NY1 News, The New York Times, Metro and MommyNearest